For aesthetic solid surface countertops and similar products in Dubai, UAE

Stylised solid surface countertops can accentuate practically any space in the home – the bedroom, the bathroom, or the kitchen. It can be blended smoothly into any colour scheme or design atmosphere, or it can be transformed to become the centre of attraction in a room. If you are searching for world-class solid surface countertops in Dubai, trust the industry leader in the UAE – Alubond Solid Surfaces.

A leading solid surface manufacturer & one-stop shop for kitchen countertops, table tops and other products

Our company is a full-service manufacturer, service provider, and supplier in UAE delivering premium, custom-tailored solid surfaces to customers in Dubai and across the UAE. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience servicing clients in the Middle East, our company has the experience and knowledge to deliver world-class products to our customers. Our company makes use of a specially formulated base material composed of natural minerals and resins, allowing us to mould and craft customised kitchen counters as well as other interior elements for a wide variety of applications. We also fabricate Dupont Corian and other top-grade materials.

Production takes place at our fully-operational manufacturing facility situated in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah. Fitted with the latest design software and advanced industry-grade equipment, we can shape and mould our proprietary material into virtually any three-dimensional shape. This level of sophistication and flexibility allows us to bring to life even the most complex and challenging designs.

Our range of products includes the following:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen counters
  • Table tops
  • Wall and column cladding
  • Sinks and bowls
  • Vanity tops and finishing
  • Partitions
  • Elevator floors

The versatility of our proprietary material allows us to match virtually any colour and design requirement, making our company one of the few material suppliers that can truly create designs according to client preferences. With hundreds of colours to choose from, customers can enjoy a truly comprehensive product tailoring experience.

Long-lasting solid surface products delivered by industry-leading material suppliers

As a material manufacturer and supplier in UAE, we are supremely confident in the quality and durability of our product. So much so that we provide a 10-year limited warranty on our products. More importantly, if our table tops or kitchen countertops get damaged, we can easily repair or restore it to its original condition. As a supplier and manufacturer, we stand by the versatility and durability of our product.

alubond solid surface Technical specifications

Specific Gravity

1.72 – 1.79

ASTM D-792

Hardness, Barcol

55 -58

ASTM D-2583

Tensile St. (psi)

4300 – 5050

ASTM D-638

Tensile Mod. (x10)

1.28 – 1.41

ASTM D-638

Elongation (%)


ASTM D-638


4 - 10

ASTM D-523


Abrasion Resistance

-    Wt. Loss (grams)

0.14 – 0.15

ASTM D-4060

-    Wt. Loss (cycles)



Water Absorption (wt % 24 hrs.


ASTM D-570


Impact IZOD (ft. lb./in.)

0.44 – 0.55

ASTM D-256

Impact Falling Ball

8 ft.


½ lb. Ball

(No effect)

ANSI Z-124

Thermal Expansion



(x 10 in./in./F)

2.30 – 2.87

ASTM D-696

Arc resistance(Sec.)

197.5 200.4

ASTM D-495

Oxygen Index

34.8 – 40.0

ASTM D-2863

Heat Resistance



Boiling Water Resistance



Stain Resistance


ANSI Z-124

Chemical Resistance


ANSI Z-124


Layout Style

Background Image

Background Pattern