A Corian top supplier in Sharjah serving Dubai and the rest of UAE

Corian is a brand of solid surface material pioneered by American company DuPont. Used widely by architects, interior designers, contractors, and home and property owners worldwide, Corian provides virtually limitless versatility and seamlessness. This means any design imaginable can be brought to life with the right equipment and expertise. If you are looking for a high quality table top, get in touch with the leading Corian top supplier in Sharjah, Dubai and the UAE - Alubond Solid Surfaces.

Take advantage of beautiful, smooth Corian top products, customised to your preferences

Alubond Solid Surfaces is a surfacing manufacturing company and supplier that offers a wide array of options for clients who are particular with the quality of the table top they want installed. Table tops are available in a variety of colours, allowing for full customisation of any design. Whether you want it to blend in seamlessly with the overall appearance of a room, or stand out as the centrepiece of a space, our company has the expertise to create the perfect complementary piece.

Let your imagination run free with the wide array of colours we have on offer. Corian is made of nonporous material, which reduces the threat of spreading bacteria. It is also stain-resistant, making it a perfect choice for kitchens and food preparation areas. With its superb design and functional advantages, it is the ideal surface for any indoor or outdoor environment. And because its colour runs deep into the material, it can easily be repaired or renewed in the case of breakage - although that is not something to worry about with Corian surfacing, as it is made of highly durable material.

Get world-class service from one of the leading suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah and the UAE

As a manufacturing company, supplier, and full-service provider, Alubond Solid Surfaces does all the work in-house from start to finish, ensuring complete control over the entirety of the manufacturing process. This unified system allows our company to strictly implement comprehensive quality control measures to ensure the quality of the final product.

Whether you are in Dubai, Sharjah, or anywhere in UAE, we can provide you with premium class surfacing at competitive prices.

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